Simplified Probiotic Skincare Routine

A probiotic skincare routine can often be complicated and overwhelming. Bree probiotic skincare helps to simplify your routine, offering a simplified and sustainable skincare solution for all skin types, to aid you on your skincare journey.

Core Values With Skincare Products

Bree unwaveringly upholds its core values, ensuring that every skincare product is vegan-friendly. Our profound commitment to environmental preservation is reflected in our meticulous consideration of each product's potential impact on the environment, spanning from our glass bottles to the use of FSC-approved packaging.

Probiotics In Skincare

Our tagline is ‘Probiotic Skincare’. Each Bree probiotic skincare product contains millions of different strains of bacillus bacteria to ensure efficacy on skin. Our formulations contain numerous live, active bacteria. This ability to deliver live and active bacteria to the skin microbiome is what makes Bree so special.

Development Process In Skincare & Haircare

We believe good things take time. Every new skincare and haircare product goes through a thorough and rigorous process of testing and formulation for a minimum of 30 weeks before being released into the market. We work with a team of scientists and dermatologists to ensure that our products are the very best skincare products available. We are always looking to improve, innovate and research the latest trends in skincare and haircare. 

Giving Back

A skincare brand that cares – Not only are you purchasing a phenomenal probiotic skincare product, but you’re also making a difference. With every Bree product purchased, you’re contributing towards helping children who are survivors of gender-based violence, abuse and neglect. 2% of all Bree sales are donated to the Angel’s care charity.

Meet the Founders

Hello! We're Megan and Mike, the co-founders of Bree Probiotics, and more importantly, siblings. 

Megan, who used to be an accountant, sought a new challenge and is now based in London. Together with her husband Grant, she oversees the day-to-day operations of Bree UK. Meanwhile, Mike, a former teacher, decided to switch things up and is now based in Durban, where he enjoys surfing and paddling in the Indian Ocean. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of Bree SA.

Our research into the skincare industry led us to believe that probiotic skincare is a promising venture. That's why we embarked on a mission to source the best probiotics from around the world, collaborating with chemists and formulators for months to create the finest skincare line for you.

We would like to invite you to join us on this Bree life journey, as we navigate the ups and downs together. Thank you for your support!