Elevate Your Summer Glow with Bree Probiotic Skincare

Elevate Your Summer Glow with Bree Probiotic Skincare

Summer is certainly not over yet and in South Africa it brings longer days, warmer temperatures, and a desire for outdoor adventures. However, the change in weather can also impact your skin and hair. Sun exposure, increased humidity, and the need for lightweight products all play a role in your summer beauty routine. At Bree, we have you covered with a range of products designed to keep your skin and hair radiant and healthy during the sunny months. Let's explore our collection and discover how it can enhance your summer glow.

Probiotic Facial Cleanser:

Hey, sunshine! Your skin deserves some extra love during these sunny months. That's where our Bree Probiotic Facial Cleanser comes in. It's like a breath of fresh summer air for your skin, gently cleansing away sweat, sunscreen, and impurities while maintaining that healthy summer glow.


  • Maintains a balanced skin microbiome
  • Lightweight and refreshing
  • Removes sweat, sunscreen, and makeup
  • Ideal for hot and humid days

Probiotic Facial Moisturiser:

Hydration is still key, but you need something lighter for those summer adventures. Our Bree Probiotic Facial Moisturiser is like a cool breeze on a hot day, providing just the right amount of hydration while soothing your skin after sun exposure. Keep that summer glow going strong!


  • Lightweight and non-greasy
  • Hydrates and soothes sun-exposed skin
  • Supports a balanced complexion
  • Suitable for all skin types

Probiotic Facial Mist:

Stay refreshed and cool during the scorching summer days with our Bree Probiotic Mist. It's your quick fix for on-the-go hydration, instantly revitalizing your skin and populating it with probiotics. This mist is a must-have in your summer beauty arsenal.


  • Instantly refreshes and hydrates
  • Calms and revitalises sun-kissed skin
  • Perfect for a mid-day pick-me-up
  • Fits easily in your beach bag

Probiotic Shampoo Bar:

Sun, saltwater, and chlorine can be tough on your hair during the summer. Our Bree Probiotic Shampoo Bar is your hair's best friend. It's like a tropical vacation for your locks, gently cleansing away impurities and promoting hair health. It's the perfect solution for maintaining your locks' natural shine and vitality.


  • Cleanses and removes buildup
  • Supports a healthy scalp
  • Adds a lustrous shine to your hair
  • Travel-friendly and eco-conscious

This is what a recent customer Sayenara had to say:

I have been using the @breeprobiotics shampoo and conditioner bar for just over a month. It is amazing my hair is healthy and not taking strain from chlorine in the pool like it would normally. I'm a convert

Jojoba Conditioner Bar:

Complete your summer haircare routine with our Bree Probiotic Conditioner Bar. It deeply nourishes your hair, leaving it soft, manageable, and protected from the summer elements. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to beautiful, beach-ready locks.


  • Deeply conditions without weighing down
  • Detangles and tames frizz
  • Reduces breakage and split ends
  • Environmentally friendly


Summer in South Africa is a time for outdoor fun and embracing the sun's warmth. With Bree Probiotic Skincare and Haircare products, you can confidently enjoy the season while maintaining your radiant beauty. Our facial cleanser, moisturiser, mist, shampoo bar, and conditioner bar are all enriched with probiotics, ensuring your skin and hair stay healthy and glowing all summer long. Don't let the summer elements dull your shine; visit our website (https://www.breeprobiotics.co.za/) to explore our complete range and enhance your summer glow with Bree Probiotic Skincare.


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